Where is the great music?

Days after posting a list of upcoming releases I’m looking forward to, I found an interesting thread on Ask MetaFilter, entitled Where is the great music?

I have this theory that being a teenager just makes you more receptive to music/movies/culture in general. You’re like a sponge at that age; you swim in it and soak it up and it becomes a part of you.

By the time you hit your 20’s, you’re not as receptive. Your personality isn’t in flux; your hormones are balanced. You have a job and a life and no time to lie on your bed and listen to the same album [..] over and over again. Even music that is technically superior to the music of your teen years will never sound as sweet, because it will never mean as much.

I must say I agree. Most of the bands I listen today are the ones I discovered in my late teens. But that doesn’t mean some really great music isn’t released today.