Had a rather busy weekend. Finally got round to painting a part of my wall I’d been planning to paint for ages. It turned out a lot darker than I intended, went for dark chocolate, but it’s actually more very very deep purple than chocolate. But I think I actually like it. Strange. Oh well, and if I do end up hating it, I can always try a layer with a different colour on top of it.

I also deceided to re-install Windows since my current install was acting funny. Had a bit of a scare as my second disc wasn’t recognized at first. I was told it was RAW instead of NTFS and I was asked if I wanted to format. Which I didn’t as it contained all my valuable data. I really should back-up more. But after a few reboots it suddenly recognized it. Very strange.

So that kept me quite busy. Not to mention the laundry and dishes I worked my way through. Now if only I could find someone to do the vacuuming. šŸ˜‰