Slept in untill 12:15 yesterday morning, I’m quite ashamed to say. But what the hell, it’s my vacation time, so why not. Not looking forward to setting the alarm next week though. Especially since it’s still dark when I have to get up in the morning. That has to be one of the advantages of summertime. I read a review of a device called the Sleeptracker recently. It monitors your body and continuously looks for your best possible waking times. Sounds interesting, but $149 is a bit much just to give it a try.


Had dinner with T&T last night to catch up and watch the 500+ photo’s taken in Chile (mind you, that was only a selection). They brought back a beautiful necklass and matching earrings for me. Both contain Lapis lazuli stones, which can only be found in Afghanistan, Pakistan and ofcoure Chile.

I’m going to see Opeth tonight, they’re playing Boerderij in Zoetermeer. Opening act is Burst. Here’s a review of a show they did last month. And on the same site you can find a review for the Porcupine Tree show I attended that same night.