Ergens midden jaren 90 kreeg ik via-via een cassettebandje met daarop een deel van de plaat Undertow van de Amerikaanse band Tool. Dit album sloeg bij mij in als een bom. Niet lang daarna vroeg en kreeg ik de CD voor mijn verjaardag. De eerste keer dat ik Tool live zag was in 1997 in Paradiso, wat een bijzonder goed optreden was, nog steeds eentje voor mijn concert top-3.

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It’s really true, one does need more sleep as one gets older. Went to see Tool in Ahoy Rotterdam last night. The second show in this year. What a treat! 🙂

I’m not really a big fan of Ahoy, the sound usually isn’t very good. Luckily we had a great spot right in the center, so the sound was actually pretty good. A bit louder than I would have preferred though. My ears were ringing for quit some time after the show. And when will they ban smoking at gatherings like this? Such a disgusting habit.

Opener Mastodon didn’t really impress. I’m not that familiar with their work, so everything sort of blended together. Also, the sound was way too loud for this one, so any detail that might have been there was lost on me. I wish I’d gotten earplugs about 30 shows ago.

Anyhow, on to the good stuff. The band played a little over 100 minutes. Afterwards, I heard rumors that the show might have been cancelled because Maynard was having problems with his voice. Glad they didn’t, I’d been looking forward to it for ages. If he was having problems, I hadn’t noticed. I was a bit dissapointed with the setlist, as I’d hoped they would play 10.000 days after not having played it in the HMH last time. But all in all definitely a great show. Also, they said they’d be back in the summer.

Setlist: Stinkfist, The Pot, Forty Six & 2, Jambi, Schism, Rosetta Stoned, Sober, Lateralus, Vicarious, Ænema. More on this show can be found at the forum.

Tool, again

Uhm, it looks like I’ve managed to get my hands on some Tool concert tickets. Again! They’re playing Ahoy in november and sales began this morning at ten. Since the previous show sold out in 8 minutes, I’d deemed my chances to slim to score tickets yet again. However, when I just logged in to ticketservice, I was still able to get my hands on tickets. I’m mostly surprised at the moment, but I’m sure joy will set in eventually. 🙂


Maynard in front of the videoscreen

Though a bit on the short side, the Tool concert (my third) was fantastic! The show was accompanied by various footage (including the music videos for songs like Sober and Schism) on 4 big screens on stage. At the start we were asked to refrain from smoking on behalf of Maynard, which suited me just fine ast the smell of weed and tobacco is not one of my favourite things. Unfortunately there were still a number of people unable to comply with this request.

The sound / acoustics was very good, much better than I expected. And they even managed to create a semi-intimite atmosphere despite the size of the venue. Would have liked to have heard the 10,000 Days title track and maybe one of the olders song, like Sweat. Or maybe The Grudge. Oh, they have so many great songs, any setlist would be great. Also, Maynard mentioned that they’ll be back in November for another show. 🙂 Rumors online are that that show will focus more on the new album and will take place in Ahoy Rotterdam. Lees verder Tool


Finally, only one more day to go before the much anticipated Tool concert in Heineken Music Hall in Amsterdam. I’ve heard different reports on the sound quality, but since I haven’t been, I’ll just have to wait and see. The wikipedia does state The hall is praised for its acoustics and it’s said these are the best in Europe. And I wonder if Tool can make it as good as the show in Paradiso I witnessed in 1997, just after the release of Ænima. That still remains my favourite concert ever, even after almost ten years and numerous shows.

I also picked up tickets to see Porcupine Tree. They’re playing Paradiso in september. That will be the second show of theirs within a year. What a treat!

Day of the beast

Happy National Day of Slayer. Don’t forget the numerology trivia on the Number of the Beast at the Wikipedia. I may even play some Number Of The Beast on the way home. I’m sure it’s waiting for me on my iPod. This day brings very good news, as the Tool gig on June 27th has been confirmed. Confirmation had been postponed, apparently not to hurt Pinkpop ticket sales, where they were playing this weekend. Oh, and Slashdot finally has a new design by one Alex Bendiken.


Got it! Picked up the new Tool album 10.000 Days at Velvet just now. Got a not so legal version earlier this week, but that’s just not the same. After waiting five years for this, I want the complete package, including the groovy artwork. At the moment the title track is my favourite track. The album is called thus because:

As Keenan explains [..], his mother suffered a stroke that left her partially paralyzed and wheelchair-bound. The length of time between her paralysis and her death was 27 years, or approximately 10,000 days.


Just found out that more European tour dates have been announced for Tool. Good to see more dates in the Netherlands besides the awful commercial Pinkpop, which I refuse to attend. They’re playing Heineken Music Hall on June 27th. I’m there. Now if only I could find out when the tickets are available for sale.

It’s been snowing on and off these past few days. As beautiful as that always is as it’s first fallen, it unfortunatly becomes a nuisance rather quickly. Ah well, it’ll inevitably melt again.