I’ve finally given in to the boatloads of comment spam passing through my database every day. Though I initially thought of disabling comments all together, but decided against this for now. I’ve now implemented a random simple math question, and only on answering the question correctly will the comment be posted. Everything else will disappear into the black void. Hopefully this will keep the crap at bay. And if not, well, I still might disable the whole thing. We’ll see.


Glad to see I’m not the only one in doubt, I was beginning to think I’d done something wrong or my server was comprimised. But there are more people being flooded with rejected e-mails, as the thread Am I an unwitting spammer? at Ask MetaFilter shows. Very annoying.

Another thing equally annoying is the increasing amount of comment spam I’m seeing on various forms on client sites. I just don’t get what the benifit would be of doing this. To those doing it, please stop. šŸ™