2019 is het 350ste sterfjaar van Rembrandt en dat wordt gevierd. Uiteraard ook in Leiden (‘Het is Rembrandt van Rijn, niet Rembrandt van Amstel’, zoals de gids van de Singelwandeling onlangs nog benadrukte). Dit weekend in de stad zijn de Rembrandtdagen en in dat kader ben ik vandaag met papa door de stad gedwaald. Onze pittoreske binnenstad leent zich uiteraard erg goed voor deze verkleedpartij. Camera in de aanslag en gaan!

Verder lezen Rembrandtdagen


Just got back from a visit to Stedelijk Museum De Lakenhal. Hadn’t been there in years, even though I live a few streets away. There’s a temporary exhibit at the moment to do with the gunpowder explosion, which was exactly 200 years ago last Friday. Read ‘New facts about the gunpowder explosion‘ for more information. We also visited the permanent collection which features some fantastic works from local artists, including Rembrandt van Rijn.


Earlier today we went to the Pasar Malam which is held nearby this weekend. We were hoping to catch the demo of Pencak Silat, but that didn’t start till much later. Bought some Spekkoek, which our nextdoor neighbour used to make when I was little, but haven’t had since. Still as delicious as I remembered though! And I bought some Incense which was relatively cheap. Plus you can never have too much of the stuff anyway..

Afterwards we went into town. Browsed the recordstore, where, to my surprise, I found and subsequently bought the new My Dying Bride, called A Line of Deathless Kings. Tjerk bought Akira Kurosawa’s classic Seven Samurai on DVD. Then we went to the bookstore where I was tempted by The Power of Art by Simon Schama. The book accompanies the series by the same name, of which I watched the first part on BBC 2 only last night, which was about painter Caravaggio. Episodes on Dutch painters Rembrandt and Van Gogh follow later on in the series. Recommended.


There’s lots going on in town this weekend, as it’s the 400th years since painter Rembrandt van Rijn was born in Leiden. Nice idea to focus on this, but I’m a bit sad by all the shameless commercial exploitation that’s going on at the moment. The Rembrandt musical may very well be the worst of it all. But it’s funny to see all kinds of people walking through town in 17th century costumes though. Try Flickr for some pictures or try this article on Rembrandt in Leiden on the Financial Times website. I do regret not having been to the Rembrandt – Caravaggio exhibit in Amsterdam, found out only just now, that it’s already ended.