Porcupine Tree

Steven Wilson

Just got back from Tilburg, where, by way of celebrating Sinterklaas, we had a lovely meal in Grandcaf├ę-Restaurant De Beurs and attended the Porcupine Tree concert in 013. The trip to Tilburg went quite smooth, also due to the assistance of the TomTom GPS system. I’d never seen it in action before, and am quite impressed. Though I’m sure there are people for whom this extra screen may end up being to much of a distraction. As I mentioned dinner was great, though maybe a bit rushed. But we wanted to be on time to find a nice place to stand.

Opening act was Oceansize. I’m not all that familiar with their work and after a while the set got a bit repetitive. After about an hour Porucpine Tree entered the stage. Though I’m not very good at remembering the setlist, I do remember they played the following: Blackest Eyes, Lazarus, Arriving Somewhere But Not Here (both highlights), Start of Something Beautiful, Halo and encores Radioactive Toy and Trains. Come to think of it, the setlist mentioned in this review on Last.fm (in German) seems quite accurate. All-in-all an excellent performance and I’m quite sure I’ll get the tour-DVD they’re planning to release early next year.