Don’t you just love it when you come home and there are goodies waiting on the doormat? I ordered bandshirts recently, a black one (what else..) with the Sisters of Mercy logo and another one for Alice in Chains.

I also ordered CDs, but that’s a different experience. These I already found online, so the anticipation I usually had before the arrival of new material is gone. I do still buy the releases from a select list of bands though. To show support I guess, and because I just like to own the originals of my favourite bands. This round I got the new Opeth – Watershed (Special edition), Moonspell – Night Eternal and Tiamat – Amanethes.


More upcoming album to look forward to: Moonspell will be releasing “Memorial’ in April and March will bring up the new Placebo, called MEDS. Also, Dutch radio station Kink FM is making some of it’s programs available as Podcasts, including their metal program, called Aardschok. šŸ™‚