Mars Red Sky

Mars Red Sky - Stranded In ArcadiaEn dan nu wat aandacht voor het album Stranded in Arcadia van Mars Red Sky. Deze draaiden we in de auto onderweg in IJsland, en paste bijzonder goed bij het exotische landschap. Voor een review, zie

Whereas the debut flitted between heavy bursts of distortion and slow ethereal passages, for their sophomore effort the band have stepped up the fuzz, dropping most of their indie leanings for an album of colossal sound and heaviness from the outset of 8-minute opener The Light Beyond. Possibly the album’s highlight, the track showcases the best of the band’s development in making infectious grooves and how they have developed as musicians, Matgaz’s swirling drum patterns creating intensity and scale to Jimmy Kinast’s extremely prominent wall of bass and Pras’ psychedelic wah-wah guitar lines.