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Just got back from Katwijk where the Katatonia and Novembre concert took place. Though the sound could have been better, it was great seeing all my favourite Katatonia songs played live. I’d seen both bands opening for Opeth a few years ago, but that hadn’t really stuck with me. Maybe because the last few Katatonia albums (released after that show) are my favourites of theirs. All in all a great night!


I’m a lady of leisure this week. Finally had the time to do all the things I’ve been meaning to do for a while now. For instance, I just got back from Katwijk to visit a store called Leatherman’s Factory, which -as you might have guessed- sells leather jackets. I’ve been searching for the perfect black leather jacket for years now. I’ve had one I bought second hand at the Waterlooplein market in Amsterdam years ago, but that wasn’t a great fit plus it didn’t look all that great anymore. So we got to the store, I described my quest and the first jacket handed to me (Italian calfskin, with a deep red lining) was perfect! šŸ˜€