Iron Maiden

Took 2 hours off from work this morning, so I could have some extra sleep. Didn’t get home till about 2 last night, as I travelled all the way from ‘s-Hertogenbosch to see Iron Maiden play in the Brabanthallen.

Wasn’t all that impressed with the venue. The entrance was one huge bottleneck which everyone had to pass through to get near the stage. This meant it took so long for us to actually reach a spot where the stage was visible, we completly missed opening act Trivium. I’m not all that familiar with their work, but was hoping to catch a part of their performance. Another thing I missed was something called airconditioning. But I shouldn’t complain, it’s Iron Maiden!

When I first heard about the plans to play the new album, A Matter Of Life And Death in its entirety, I wasn’t really sure. But all in all it did work out better than I expected. The songs from the new album were followed by Fear Of The Dark, 2 Minutes To Midnight and Hallowed Be Thy Name respectively. The guys will be back in the summer to play a bunch of classics shows. Oh, and one thing that struck me, were have all the men with long hair gone?

Update: there’s a review to be found at (in Dutch) or try this article at Decibel Magazine.