Not much going on recently. My parents have gone on holiday, to Normandy, Bretagne and thereabouts for a few weeks, so I’ve been given a list of stuff to record. Can’t miss the regular shows now can we? šŸ˜‰ Oh, and we went to see Ocean’s thirteen, which was pretty decent. Basically the sequel they should have made in the first place. I’ve also been trying to ignore the hype surrounding the soon to be released iPhone. Which is proving rather difficult, because everyone appears to be mentioning it.

I have been quite busy at work though. I’ve been in charge of creating the protoype for the new WNF site. I received the design a while ago and am now turning it into a decent XHTML framework. Quite a challenge with all kinds of layers and fun with PNG’s. Especially in IE6, of course. But it’s slowly getting to where it needs to be.

Day of the beast

Happy National Day of Slayer. Don’t forget the numerology trivia on the Number of the Beast at the Wikipedia. I may even play some Number Of The Beast on the way home. I’m sure it’s waiting for me on my iPod. This day brings very good news, as the Tool gig on June 27th has been confirmed. Confirmation had been postponed, apparently not to hurt Pinkpop ticket sales, where they were playing this weekend. Oh, and Slashdot finally has a new design by one Alex Bendiken.


Enjoying a nice long weekend because of Ascension. Still don’t have a clue what is being celebrated / remembered on this day, but it’s always nice to have a day of. šŸ˜‰

Might aswell look it up on Wikipedia:

The Christian doctrine of the Ascension holds that Jesus bodily ascended to heaven by His own power in presence of His disciples, following his resurrection.

So. There you have it. Now you know.


Lots to do in town this weekend. Though today is actually Koninginnedag, the festivities took place yesterday due to religious reason. Went to the bi-annual fabric market to stock up on some pieces of cloth, which my mom will be kind enough to turn into clothes for me. And I bought a copy of Transport Giant, the cover of which looked quite promising.


It was April Fools yesterday, and though I missed most of it, it’s quite fun to read about some of the tricks played. Especially the ‘OMG Ponies’-stunt over at Slashdot.

I’m taking a break from Jared Diamond’s “Guns, Germs, and Steel: The Fates of Human Societies” at the moment. Felt like rereading a classic, The Peace War by Vernor Vinge. They didn’t have it at the library, but I was able to borrow my brother’s copy. It’s a realy sci-fi classic, and despite a few mentions of the Russians (as it was written in Cold War 1984) it really hasn’t been affected by time very much. Now, let’s see if I can get my hands on the sequel, Marooned in Realtime.


So it’s almost Christmas. Can’t believe how quick the year seems to have passed. Only two more days and then I’ll have a little over two weeks of vacation! Also, the end of the year is approaching rather fast, meaning everyone is publishing all kinds of list, the Google Zeitgeist being one of the more interesting of these.