Went to the Huishoudbeurs yesterday. It’s basically an opportunity for all kinds of companies to sell lot’s of stuff to (mostly female) consumers. Originally household appliances, but more and more products have been added over the years. I tried not to go to overboard, unlike some, as there were plenty of people there who brought suitcases to take home their spoils! I purchased a set of Herôme French Manicure which I tend to use and now was on offer. And a couple of packetss of Bolletje Eindeloos which was going cheap and was unable to ignore.

I also had to opportunity to check out the new Citroën C1. If I ever were to purchase an automobile I wouldn’t mind something like that. But I’m biased, my parents have allway driven Citroën. From the classic C2V to their current, the C5.

Only one point of irritation, as the trains didn’t go to Schiphol just as we were heading home, because people had been sighted in the tunnel. Which lead us to take a detour past Haarlem. Ah well.