Civ I

Fired up the original Civilization for a spot of retrogaming earlier today. Though I’ve played most later versions of the game, this one still remains my favourite, despite it’s now clunky interface. To quote why it was chosen the #1 of the 150 Best Games of All Time in 1996:

While some games might be equally addictive, none have sustained quite the level of rich, satisfying gameplay quite like Sid Meier’s magnum opus. The blend of exploration, economics, conquest and diplomacy is augmented by the quintessential research and development model. [..] Just when you think the game might bog down, you discover a new land, a new technology, another tough foe – and you tell yourself, “just one more game,” even as the first rays of the new sun creep into your room…the most acute case of game-lock we’ve ever felt.