Net derde deel van Seven Ages Of Britain gekeken, dat had ik zondagavond opgenomen van de BBC. Waarom is er niet iets dergelijks over de Nederlandse geschiedenis gemaakt? Wij hebben toch ook een interessante geschiedenis? En áls er eens iets aan gedaan wordt op de televee is het altijd de tweede wereldoorlog en dan vaak ook nog met een schoolTV weekjournaal-toontje. Als je begrijpt wat ik bedoel. Ik zie mogelijkheden!

Maar ik dwaal af. Mooie serie, aanrader. Bekijk vast wat stukjes op Youtube.


Been watching History Of Scotland on the BBC these past few weeks. Presented by Neil Oliver and his fab accent. Fascinating story. I’d love to see something like that on Dutch television, on our history. On a related note, I wanted to mention the Wikipedia page for Genetic history of the British Isles, which is fascinating and also reminded me that I’d like to take part in the Genographic Project, to find out more about my roots.

7 ages

Album cover for Never Say Die

For the past few weeks the BBC has shown Seven Ages of Rock, a great documentary on the history of rock. Tonight (finally!) was the episode on heavy metal, called Never Say Die. I’d been looking forward to it, but I must admit I was a bit disappointed. It showed things from a very limited and even British perspective. I understand they can’t show every single band out there, but why include Mötley Crüe and not mention one single band from Scandinavia? Shame.


Julius Caesar and the thirteenth legion

I’m quite taken with BBC/HBO collaboration, Rome (IMDb / HBO), which I’m currently watching on Belgian channel Canvas. It’s basically the story of Julius Caesar vs Pompey and the rise of Caesar Augustus, the first emperor of Rome.

There’s a rather positive review on Slant

And if you’re looking for more -lots more!- background info, check out the wikipedia entry for the show. This article mentions that the BBC edited the first few episodes. I wonder which version I’m presented with on the aforementioned Canvas.