Paradise Lost

En toen regende het ook nog eens op de terugweg zojuist. Om maar te zwijgen van de domme mevrouw die heur paraplu liet vallen, waardoor het hele fietspad bijna tot een botsing kwam.

Nou ja, nu zit ik lekker met droge kleren te luisteren naar de nieuwe Paradise Lost (Faith Divides Us – Death Unites Us), want die lag op de deurmat op me te wachten bij thuiskomst. Fijn! En het is ook nog eens een bijzonder mooie uitvoering, heel chique in een boekvorm. Absoluut de moeite van het aanschaffen waard!

New music

I’m a bit surprised by the lack of new albums for this year so far. The only 2 I bought are the new My Dying Bride and the new OSI. Both are great by the way, but compared to last year it’s slim pickings.

Did (re)discover some older works though. Like the Ché album (by former Kyuss drummer Brant Bjork) Sounds of Liberation and 39 Laps by Monkey3, which I can’t recommend enough. I’m currently looking forward to the new releases by Amorphis (Skyforger) and Katatonia (to be announced), both expected later this year.

I guess I could trail through the Category: 2009 albums on Wikipedia or the Top Albums tagged as 2009 at, but they’re both not genre specific. How do you keep track of the new releases for bands you like?

For Lies i Sire

There’s maybe a dozen bands whose work I’ll buy no matter what. One of those bands is My Dying Bride. I just ordered their new release Welcome to For Lies i Sire. Can’t wait for it to arrive!

In a recent interview with Beyond The Dark Horizon, My Dying Bride vocalist Aaron Stainthorpe stated, “Naturally, we think it’s our best work to date and has a sort of ‘new-meets-old’ sound; the violins giving a nod to our past and the new riffs and vocals showing the way forward. It is quite possibly the most depressing thing we’ve created to date, and all the more wonderful for it.”

Asked how he feels the new CD differs from My Dying Bride’s last studio album, “A Line of Deathless Kings”, Aaron replied, “Would you believe it, it’s even darker? I’ve pushed the vocals further, finding more melodies, as have the guitars, and, of course, the violin has added a deep range of feeling. It’s quite a fresh, melodic sound despite being utterly despondent.”


Almost time for the new year, so that means it’s time for a list. This one shows my favourite releases of the past year.

  1. Tool – 10.000 Days
  2. Katatonia – The Great Cold Distance
  3. Amorphis – Eclipse
  4. My Dying Bride – A Line of Deathless Kings
  5. Agalloch – Ashes Against the Grain
  6. Novembre – Materia
  7. OSI – Free
  8. Green Carnation – The Acoustic Verses
  9. Moonspell – Memorial
  10. Iron Maiden – A Matter Of Life And Death

Where is the great music?

Days after posting a list of upcoming releases I’m looking forward to, I found an interesting thread on Ask MetaFilter, entitled Where is the great music?

I have this theory that being a teenager just makes you more receptive to music/movies/culture in general. You’re like a sponge at that age; you swim in it and soak it up and it becomes a part of you.

By the time you hit your 20’s, you’re not as receptive. Your personality isn’t in flux; your hormones are balanced. You have a job and a life and no time to lie on your bed and listen to the same album [..] over and over again. Even music that is technically superior to the music of your teen years will never sound as sweet, because it will never mean as much.

I must say I agree. Most of the bands I listen today are the ones I discovered in my late teens. But that doesn’t mean some really great music isn’t released today.

New releases

This is going to be a good year in music, I think. Plenty of new releases have been anounced.

More can be found at Top 50 Most Anticipated Records of 2006 from Decibel Magazine.

2005 in music

Inspired by Andy Budd and Wikipedia, I too will now offer a list of the best albums to have been released in this year we call 2005.

  1. Opeth – Ghost Reveries
  2. Paradise Lost – Paradise Lost
  3. Porcupine Tree – Deadwing
  4. Riverside – Second Life Syndrome
  5. Fields Of The Nephilim – Mourning Sun
  6. Life Of Agony – Broken Valley
  7. Apocalyptica – Apocalyptica
  8. Audioslave – Out Of Exile
  9. Black Label Society – Mafia
  10. Green Carnation – The Quiet Offspring
  11. Leaves Eyes – Vinland Saga

Saturday activities

Another late night yesterday, as I had a wonderful dinner in far away Medemblik with the people from work. Glad to be able to sleep in this morning though, as I was still quite tired from last weekend. After a relaxed lunch with the newspaper I felt brave enough to go to the store to pick up some things. I’m quite sure one of my circles of hell will have something to do with shopping on a saturday afternoon. I did manage not to strangle anyone though, and arrived home with some nice pieces of music:

I originally entered the store to get my hands on the new Porcupine Tree, but that was unavailable. Ah well, you know how these sort of things go. You set out for something and return home with something completly different. Might give it another try after work on monday ;-). Oh, and I also bought a new electric kettle as the other one looked horrid in my pretty new kitchen.