Interessante artikelen en andere links registreer ik via Pinboard. Deze worden wekelijks, op zondagavond, gebundeld weggeschreven. Hier vind je het archief.

Week van 19.12.2021

Kirsten Dunst’s Feminine Urges
For three decades, Dunst has been one of our preëminent performers of conflicted womanhood. With “The Power of the Dog,” she might be finally getting her due.
Thwaites: Antarctic glacier heading for dramatic change
Thwaites is a colossus. It's roughly the size of Great Britain, or Florida, and its outflow speed has doubled in the past 30 years.
Your 'Best Shows of The Year' Lists All Have One Glaring Omission
Spoiler: Mare of Easttown
Waarom oude, gedragen bandshirts ineens voor flinke bedragen over de toonbank gaan
Literature Clock
How The Matrix 4.0 resurrects an iconic 20-year love story
Decades after 'The Matrix' changed movies forever, Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss return for the year's most timely sequel.
Tom Morello Signs Open Letter Denouncing Amazon's Palm-Scanning Concert Tech
That Time I Bought 50 Pairs of Jeans. For Science.
We’re going to talk about all the ways that all of these jeans failed. We will also talk about the two pairs I kept and why they’re okay if not great and what I’m actually wearing day to day.
Reddit Reads
Book reccomendations from reddit
Hey, Facebook, I Made a Metaverse 27 Years Ago
It was terrible then, and it’s terrible now.
The ‘Succession’ Cast On the Astonishing Season-Three Finale
The Curious History of Steam Heat and Pandemics
Steam heating and radiators were designed to heat buildings on the coldest day of the year with all the windows open.
The economics of movie product placements
Today’s films are brimming with products from big-name brands. How exactly do these partnerships work?

Week van 12.12.2021

Amsterdam's New Plan to Keep Waffle, Souvenir Shops Out
The city’s latest bold initiative is offering up cash to help local community groups oust touristy businesses.
52 things I learned in 2021 by Tom Whitwell
How the Netherlands will survive in floating cities
With sea levels rising, the Dutch are pondering floating cities — while also exporting their engineering know-how to turn a tidy profit.
Cancel Mel Gibson, Hollywood's Leading Anti-Semite
When “Foundation” Gets the Blockbuster Treatment, Isaac Asimov’s Vision Gets Lost
The TV version of the classic sci-fi saga sidelines its source’s most pressing questions about power and precarity.
How we came to depend on the week despite its artificiality
The week is the most artificial and recent of our time counts yet it’s impossible to imagine our shared lives without it
Here's Why Movie Dialogue Has Gotten More Difficult To Understand
/Film spoke with several Oscar-winning sound designers, editors, and mixers to learn why it has become tougher to understand what characters are saying.
Defensive CSS
Content is dynamic, and things can change on a web page, thus increasing the possibility of a CSS issue or a weird behavior.
Professor VS veegt vloer aan met onze basismaatregelen: 'Volledig achterhaald'
Omicron’s Rapid Case Growth Is a Warning
We don’t know how severe Omicron is, but we do know it’s spreading very fast.
The best tiny houses of 2021
Celebrating Grace Hopper and the Origins of Debugging
Happy birthday to Grace!
Nederland koopt voor 175 miljoen een Rembrandt. Heeft het Rijks echt een vaandeldrager nodig? | De Volkskrant
Met de aankoop van Rembrandts De vaandeldrager wordt de canon van Hollandse kunst andermaal bevestigd – niet aangevuld, gecorrigeerd of opgefrist, betoogt kunsthistoricus en Volkskrant-redacteur Wieteke van Zeil.
Be usable, not consistent, not uniform
if you don’t know what you want to a design to be consistent with — and why — then consistency risks confusing your users.
Modern for Wikipedia
A redesigned user interface for Wikipedia

Week van 5.12.2021

A highly intuitive air quality monitor, designed to help everyone, everywhere understand the quality of the AIR.
The strange, slavery-defined border of Oklahoma’s Panhandle
Sometimes strange borders hide in plain sight. Every panhandle has a story but none that were defined almost entirely by the fight over slavery.
The medieval Dutch solution to flooding
In a world of more frequent and more intense flooding, one way to protect against the worst can trace its roots back to the Netherlands, nearly 1,000 years ago.
Ask HN: Software Engineer hitting 40: what's next?
Underrated reasons to be thankful
Oh, and also that the universe exists at all, and that life exists on at least one planet in it.

Week van 28.11.2021

Surveillance, Companionship, and Entertainment
Artificial servants, autonomous killing machines, surveillance systems, and sex robots have been part of the human imagination for thousands of years.
The Long Boom: A History of the Future, 1980–2020
Predictions by Wired from 1997
Covid denial to climate denial
Anti-lockdown movements online are turning their attention to climate conspiracy theories.
Is 'Dopesick' a true story?
What the show gets right about the opioid crisis
Keanu Reeves interview 2021
Keanu Reeves on Matrix Resurrection, John Wick, His Personal Life
ICU is full of the unvaccinated – my patience with them is wearing thin
Most of the resources the NHS is devoting to Covid in hospital are being spent on people who have not had their jab
The State Of The Web
The opening presentation from An Event Apart Spring Summit held online in April 2021.

Week van 21.11.2021

Kyle Rittenhouse has walked free. Now it’s open season on protesters
Demonstrators in the US must fear not only police brutality but also rightwing vigilantes
The Long, Hidden History of the Viking Obsession With Werewolves
A symbol both of chaos and order, the wolf came to represent many things for the Vikings.
Interstellar 8-Track: How Voyager's Vintage Tech Keeps Running
Launched in 1977, the probe is vintage space hardware. [..] Looking at the machine’s specs is a reminder of how far electronics have come in the intervening years.
What’s the music industry doing about climate change?
From touring to festivals, vinyl and even streaming, when it comes to the environment, there aren’t many clean hands in the biz.
Fifty percent of Facebook Messenger’s total voice traffic comes from Cambodia.
Keyboards weren't designed for Khmer. So Cambodians have just decided to ignore them
Was Ebola a near-miss? - Lessons From The Crisis
Almost every wrong ‘official’ belief of the early covid era was deployed with equal confidence against ebola six years previously.
‘3rd Rock from the Sun’ Cast Reunites at Vulture Festival
Het Chinese Liuzhou is de elektrische-autohoofdstad van de wereld
De microwagens zijn al te koop vanaf 4.000 euro, opladen kan overal, parkeren ook. [..] hoe milieuvriendelijk is het?
Marilyn Manson Abuse Allegations: A Monster Hiding in Plain Sight
Long Range E-Bike
Developer Tools secrets that shouldn’t be secrets
"I am a principal product manager for developer tools in Microsoft Edge and these are things I encountered during working on the tools, documenting them and going through user feedback."
The Psychology Behind Meeting Overload
Six biases that lead us to have too many meetings — and how to overcome them.
Merlin's Wisdom Project
Or: “Everybody likes being given a glass of water.”
99 Additional Bits of Unsolicited Advice