Linklist 27 augustus 2023

Why planting trees to offset carbon emissions doesn't really work, according to experts
New research questions the environmental integrity of carbon trading, a multi-billion dollar industry
Klimaatexpert Clive Hamilton: ‘Het is al te laat’
Terug naar vroeger kan niet, zegt de Australische klimaatexpert Clive Hamilton. Alleen met radicale technische oplossingen kunnen we de schade nog wat beheersen.
Wally's AI Framework provides a high-quality comprehensive audit in minutes while saving enormous time and expense when compared to manual audits.
Rail Baltica awarded €928m additional funding
will connect Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, and Poland while improving and updating the link to Western Europe
Get your work recognized: write a brag document
Samuel L. Jackson Talks Marvel, Racists Like Trump, and His FBI Threat
Screen icon discusses new show Secret Invasion and so much more, including being an usher at MLK’s funeral and the FBI making a threat on his life
Considerations for TV user interface accessibility
challenges people with disabilities may face when interacting with TV apps and considerations for people designing and developing TV app interfaces.
Hollywood AI Crisis: Will Artificial Intelligence Eliminate Acting & Jobs?
24 CSS mix-blend-mode Examples