Linklist 20 augustus 2023

‘Gigantic’ power of meat industry blocking green alternatives, study finds
Analysis of EU and US shows livestock farmers receive about 1,000 times more public funding than plant-based and cultivated meat
Everyone has JavaScript, right?
Blocking feature to be removed from former Twitter platform X, says Musk
Loss of protective feature may bring it into conflict with safety guidelines on App Store and Google Play
“Aantrekkelijk en geloofwaardig alternatief voor de auto”
Frankrijk is van plan om zijn spoornet te versterken met een investering van zowat 100 miljard euro tegen 2040. Dat heeft premier Elisabeth Borne aangekondigd.
Want to cope with heatwaves? Look to Japan's creative cooling solutions
As extreme heat hammers the globe, one traveller discovers a wealth of cooling solutions, from high-tech underwear to ancient philosophies, on a journey round Japan.
Germany's Love of Autos Puts the Brakes on Berlin's Car-Free Dreams
While Germany’s capital has made progress in building bike lanes and restricting traffic, national political shifts show that automobiles still reign supreme.
Tips for Taking Photos With Your Cellphone
A Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer shares tips on how to use your smartphone to shoot, arrange and edit your landscapes, portraits and other travel photos.
The World’s Largest Landowners
have you ever thought about who owns the most land in the world? Some properties are owned by major organizations, while others are owned by private landowners.
Bluesky rolls out feeds with custom algorithms
The idea is that you can subscribe to feeds that have algorithms tuned to showcase different kinds of posts
Barbie: Hollywood Taking Wrong Lesson; Make More Women Films, Not Toys
An introduction to @scope in CSS