Linklist 13 augustus 2023

"Web Environment Integrity" is an all-out attack on the free Internet
Read why WEI is terrible, and why we must vocally oppose it now. Google's latest maneuver, if we don't act to stop it, threatens our freedom to explore the Internet with browsers of our choice.
My Two Decades Living as an American in Europe
Moving there gave me access to all the other ways to see.
The Elite's War on Remote Work Has Nothing to Do with Productivity
The elite are trying to whip everyone back to the office to avoid a commercial real estate crash.
Experts Say AI Girlfriend Apps Are Training Men to Be Even Worse
Lonely people are increasingly turning to fake AI girlfriends for companionship, but some people believe these AI chatbots are harmful.
CNet Deletes Thousands of Old Articles in Futile, Wrong-Headed Attempt to Game Google Search
Bronze Age Pyramid Found in Kazakhstan Is First Ever on Asian Steppe
A giant 4,000-year-old Bronze Age pyramidical structure with links to a horse cult has been uncovered in the ochre-tinted earthen steppes of Kazakhstan.
Visualize where you can travel by train in Europe on this interactive map.
Review: EgoFit Walker Pro – an under-desk treadmill
Thinking of getting something similar