Linklist 30 juli 2023

The Blue Flash: How a careless slip led to a fatal accident in the Manhattan Project
One day in Oppenheimer's Manhattan Project, a brief, casual moment of carelessness killed one scientist and severely injured another.
What would the internet of people look like now?
Maybe we just ditch the algorithms.
‘They found ways to do the impossible’: Hipgnosis, the designers who changed the record sleeve for ever
Control director Anton Corbijn’s new film tells the chaotic, tragic story of the creative duo behind some of the most recognisable covers of all time
Sinéad O’Connor, acclaimed Dublin singer, dies aged 56
Michael D Higgins leads tributes to Irish musician, saying the country has lost an ‘extraordinarily beautiful, unique voice’
Christopher Nolan Breaks Down ‘Oppenheimer’ With Professor Brian Cox
As the long-awaited biopic reaches cinemas, we hosted a discussion with the celebrated director
Gulf stream could collapse as early as 2025, study suggests
A collapse would bring catastrophic climate impacts but scientists disagree over the new analysis
Twitter is being rebranded as X