Linklist 16 juli 2023

World experiences hottest week ever recorded and more is forecast to come
There is a good chance that the month of July will see the highest global temperatures for 120,000 years
Sarah Silverman Files Lawsuit Against Maker of ChatGPT
The comic's suit questions if AI models can function without training themselves on protected works.
Time to Break Up Hollywood
Hollywood is trapped in a death spiral, with streaming giants struggling to profit while smothering the industry itself. Finally the writers stood up. But will it be enough?
VanMoof ebike mess highlights a risk with pricey smart hardware
If the company goes under, and the servers go offline, that could leave ebike owners unable to even unlock their bikes
HTMX is the Future
A new approach is to put the ability to deliver this UX back into the hands of engineers that built websites before the SPA-craze, leveraging their existing toolsets and knowledge, and HTMX is the best example I've used so far.
AI is killing the old web, and the new web struggles to be born
Generative AI models are changing the economy of the web, making it cheaper to generate lower-quality content. We’re just beginning to see the effects of these changes.
'A deadly problem': should we ban SUVs from our cities?
Statistically less safe than regular cars and with higher CO2 emissions, campaigners argue the heavily-marketed cars have no place in urban areas