Linklist 9 July 2023

Earth shatters heat records, faces uncharted extreme weather
Scientists say to brace for more extreme weather and probably a record-warm 2023 amid unprecedented temperatures.
Mark Rutte: Dutch coalition government collapses in migration row
Can we now please all vote for someone else, finally?
Why has Threads, Meta’s answer to Twitter, not launched in the EU?
Meta’s new app has been listed in the US and the UK, but has no foreseeable launch date in the EU yet as the company worries about the bloc’s privacy regulations.
GitHub achievements that did not make the cut
The islands' councillors will consider a motion to investigate alternative forms of governance.
June Extremes Suggest Parts of the Climate System Are Reaching Tipping Points
June 2023 may be remembered as the start of a big change in the climate system, with many key global indicators flashing red warning lights amid signs that some systems are tipping toward a new state from which they may not recover.
Orkney council to look at proposals to become territory of Norway