Linklist 4 juni 2023

How to Find Your Size in Blue Jeans - McSweeney’s
What is your star sign? We figured we’d ask in case no one has asked you today, even though it doesn’t change your pants size.
Musicians Are Already Using AI More Often Than We Think
It goes beyond the rise of deepfakes and ChatGPT. AI tools will—and already are—changing how music is made.
Geen beleggingen in niet-zo-groene Apple
Kinderarbeid en privacyschendingen: de fondsen van ASN Bank beleggen niet in techgigant Apple. Lees meer over de redenen.
Blue skies over Mastodon
the longer Mastodon stays in Linux-on-the-desktop mode, the more likely those people are to take their energy somewhere where it’s valued.
The glass cliff and why struggling companies promote women, explained
When women reach the upper ranks of power, they’re put into precarious positions, meaning there’s a greater risk for them to fall.
A History Of The World According To Getty Images
a short documentary about property, profit, and power, made out of archive footage sourced from the online catalogue of Getty Images
How Paris Kicked Out the Cars
A city once remade for voitures has transformed itself into an unlikely utopia for cyclists and pedestrians. What can it teach us?
De leukste boeken over Japan (van reisgids tot kookboek)
Lessons learned as a software developer turned project manager
Becoming a project manager after being a software developer for many years changed me quite a bit. Below are my thoughts and breakdown of the experience.