Linklist 14 mei 2023

No diet, no detox: how to relearn the art of eating
Our relationship with food has become disordered and obsessive. As the new year brings diet madness, it needn’t be such a struggle to learn good eating habits
Hoogspanning!: More Dutch Safety Posters
Writers vs. robots: Hollywood moved toward automation long before AI
In the franchise era, viewers and studios alike favor formula over creativity—the exact sort of stuff that’s easiest for AI to write.
Why can some people smell ants?
When you kill a common house ant, it releases a chemical that smells like blue cheese, but that isn't the only funky smell that ants produce.
TV’s Streaming Bubble Has Burst, a Writers Strike Looms, and “Everybody Is Freaking Out”
Billions in losses. Sweeping layoffs. The party’s over, and Hollywood is waking up with a splitting headache.
Energy Saving Road Lighting in Norway
Only as traffic approaches, Norway’s auto-dimming roads get brighter. New LED lights dim to 20 percent when no cars are in area. When a car drives by, the lights turn to 100 per cent.
How companies use dark patterns to keep you subscribed
Unsubscribing should be easy. It’s not.
GitHub now auto-blocks token and API key leaks for all repos
GitHub is now automatically blocking the leak of sensitive information like API keys and access tokens for all public code repositories.
India Street Lettering
Google AMP: how Google tried to fix the web by taking it over
Google promised to create a better, faster web for media companies with a new standard called AMP. In the end, it ruined the trust publishers had in the internet giant.