Linklist 30 april 2023

Jay Duplass Doesn’t Want to Be a Coen Brother Anymore
The director-actor-writer-producer talks about uncoupling with his brother and creative partner, his role in Season 2 of the HBO drama “Industry,” and his most ambitious project yet: “a comedy relationship movie, thriller-action movie, mystery, coming-of-age story.”
Heavier Vehicles in Aging Garages Are a Recipe for Disaster
Study Finds ChatGPT Outperforms Physicians in High-Quality, Empathetic Answers to Patient Questions
Maak van Schiphol een Europese vlieg-treinhub
Met betere dienstverlening kan internationaal treinreizen zowel een duurzamer alternatief voor als een aanvulling op vliegen worden, schrijven experts van de TU Delft.
Musk is remaking Twitter into a climate denier sanctuary
I got some data that analyses how climate deniers have changed their audience size, relative to pro-climate accounts, on Musk’s Twitter. It’s….not good.
This is the environmental cost of the food we eat
Chicken or tuna? Tofu or lentils? Rice or potatoes? See which food is better for the planet.
Misverstanden over republiek en monarchie
Spotify Game: Metal Edition
An addictive game about which Metal song has been played more on Spotify.
Missing a point: the UX of subtitles
Do you realize how much context we lose when we lose sound? In a world with everything already invented, can designers do more?
Using dark patterns to overcharge for pizza
A study on how Dominos (and Pizza Hut) use dark patterns, UX tricks and design psychology to overcharge customers.
Worst Decisions in Music History
Horrible business moves, artistic blunders, deeply questionable moral judgment — with appearances by Adam Levine, Kiss, Kanye West, and many more