Linklist 23 April 2023

When Vin Diesel wears 4 sleeveless shirts & spends 14-15% of the films running time in them, the films make more money and have higher critic scores
How the Dutch Investment in Bike Parking Paid Off
A decade ago, the Netherlands began building a national network of bicycle garages integrated with rail stations. Here’s how that investment has paid off.
Fietsersbond roept overheden op: maak nú werk van veiliger fietsen
Uit cijfers blijkt een enorme stijging van het aantal fietsdoden in het verkeer, voornamelijk door botsingen met gemotoriseerd verkeer.
ActivityPub is the next big thing in social networks
The tech industry is abuzz about a new standard for social networking that is more open, more user-centric, and potentially more powerful than Twitter and Facebook. But we’ve been here before.