Linklist 2 april 2023

During Covid, bus and subway ridership dropped. Now transit systems are in crisis
Don’t let buses and subways become another casualty of the pandemic.
Why experts are calling for you to break up with your couch
Going furniture-free may just make your home more inviting.
The Nepotism Babies of Hollywood: A Definitive Taxonomy
Actors, singers, directors who just happen to be the children of actors, singers, directors.
Finland cleared to join NATO following Turkish vote
The country is set to become the alliance’s 31st member as Sweden’s bid remains frozen.
How to get more women on bikes? Better biking infrastructure, designed by women
involving women in decisions about implementing new bike infrastructure, as well as expanding the use of e-bikes through financial incentives, are key to getting more women on the road.
How Meat and Fossil Fuel Producers Watered Down the Latest IPCC Report
Scientist authors recommended more plant-based diets and phasing out all fossil fuels. But those recommendations didn't make it into the final report.
Wim de Bie (83) overleden | Genootschap Onze Taal
Op 27 maart 2023 is Wim de Bie op 83-jarige leeftijd overleden. De Bie, vooral bekend als invloedrijk programmamaker, was samen met Kees van Kooten erelid van Onze Taal, vanwege hun ongekend creatieve taalgebruik en de vele sporen die ze hebben nagelaten in het Nederlands.