Linklist 26 March 2023

What Is the Dumbest Way A Huge Turning Point in History Began?
The John Wick: Chapter 4 Ending Is the Happiest One Yet
goes in a different direction than previous installments in the franchise, allowing Keanu Reeves’ master assassin to do something bold.
Gordon Moore, Intel co-founder and creator of Moore’s Law, has died
Global fresh water demand will outstrip supply by 40% by 2030, say experts
Landmark report urges overhaul of wasteful water practices around world on eve of crucial UN summit
Goodbye to Lance Reddick, an actor you could always count on
Why most plastic can’t be recycled
With only 9% of annual plastic waste recycled, the myth that we can recycle our way out of a mounting plastic pollution crisis doesn't add up.
Design notes on the 2023 Wikipedia redesign