Linklist 5 maart 2023

Stephen Fry: Willem and Frieda – Defying the Nazis review
Fry lovingly brings to life the incredible adventures of two war heroes, whose all-night forgery parties fuelled by booze and amphetamines saved thousands of Jews
The Godfather and Frank Sinatra's Real History with the Mafia
The Godfather’s Johnny Fontane was a mix of a few Italian singers, but only one chairman of the board…
Zwerfvuil rapen met de gratis app van HelemaalGroen.
Ellen Barkin Recalls Being 'Ripped Apart Physically' Early In Her Career
The "Poker Face" actor isn't afraid to speak about her awful experiences in Hollywood. "I am 68 years old," Barkin said. "I'm fresh out of all my f**ks."
From clothes to tech, why is everything so poorly made?
How the cult of consumerism ushered in an era of badly made products.
A Look at Gender Demographics in the Developer Community
Responsive Headlines Are About to Get Awesome
Use text-wrap: balance to distributes text more evenly between lines
'Arc is the best web browser to come out in the last decade'
Chrome has suppressed everyone for too long. The Browser Company and CEO Josh Miller are making Arc, a new and better web browser that’s prettier, more powerful, and actually fun to use.
Same Energy | Visual Search Engine
use it to find beautiful art, photography, decoration ideas, or anything else.
Setting up a screen reader testing environment on your computer
I don’t want to log in to your website
The web is becoming a miserable experience because some salesbro who is trying to meet his KPIs is doing stuff to marginally increase the number of paying customers.
CLI tool to draw an image on your GitHub contribution graph.