Linklist 5 februari 2023

Public Transit Gets Left Behind in US Climate Change Conversation
Solomon Perel, Jew who posed as Hitler Youth to survive war, dies at 97
His Holocaust story was dramatized in the 1990 film “Europa Europa.”
Twitter to remove free API access in latest money making quest
Pricing has not been disclosed but more details should arrive next week
The self-fulfilling prophecy of React
The only thing React is better at than other front-end frameworks is being popular. So how long will that self-perpetuating cycle continue?
Wonders of Street View
Explore the weird and wonderful things on Google Street View
Bird flu outbreak at Spanish mink farm triggers pandemic fears
Spread among captive mink could give the H5N1 strain opportunities to evolve and adapt to mammals
Bike helmets: what the science really says about an American safety obsession.
How Solid Pods May End Up Becoming the Building Blocks of the Metaverse