Linklist 22 januari 2023

Web resilience is about users – not a shortcut for developers
Front-end is so much more than building designs
The Case for Abolishing Elections
They may seem the cornerstone of democracy, but in reality they do little to promote it. There's a far better way to empower ordinary citizens: democracy by lottery.
Back to the future: how Mastodon is restoring the lost art of online conversation
The new social network with its interconnected ‘fediverse’ is a welcome alternative to blustering rival Twitter and Elon Musk
A Marxist View of Tolkien’s Middle Earth
J. R. R. Tolkien’s fantasy world is a medieval utopia with poverty and oppression airbrushed out of the picture. But Tolkien’s work also contains a romantic critique of industrial capitalism that is an important part of its vast popular appeal.
Wikipedia Gets a Fresh New Look
First Desktop Update in a Decade Puts Usability at the Forefront
A look back at trends from the 1973 IKEA catalogue
Juliane Koepcke: A Plane Crash and 11 Days in the Jungle