Linklist 13 november 2022

The world has reached 8 billion people — but soon we'll hit a decline we'll never reverse
Betalen voor de auto van de buren, iedereen doet het
Nederland is een fietswalhalla. Toch zijn mensen hier verslaafd aan de auto en hebben ze geen idee hoe duur die verslaving werkelijk is.
Why Roberta Williams Came Out of Retirement to Remake a Beloved Text Adventure
'Colossal Cave Adventure' summoned the Sierra adventure game legend to her calling. Forty years later, she's heeding its call again.
Here’s Everything Leaving Your Brain This Month
Writing Better Documentation
Good documentation should go beyond the code itself and also cover your team, the product, your work process, areas of specialization, and many other key areas.
Here’s how a Twitter engineer says it will break in the coming weeks
One insider says the company’s current staffing isn’t able to sustain the platform.
Why US Traffic Safety Fell So Far Behind Other Countries
The rising rate of road deaths in the US continues to defy global trends. Here’s what traffic planners in other nations could teach their American counterparts.
Etymologica: Wereld, een oude samenstelling
Het woord ‘wereld’ is ontstaan als samenstelling met de betekenis ‘mensenleven’. In dit artikel kom je te weten hoe het woord is veranderd.
4 Twitter features Mastodon is better for not having
When less is more for healthy conversations
Browsers, JSON, and FormData
To put in bluntly: there’s no progressive enhancement if all your APIs only accept JSON payloads directly from the browser.