Linklist 30 oktober 2022

Our Ancestors Ate a Paleo Diet, With Carbs
A modern hunter-gatherer group known as the Hadza has taught researchers surprising things about the highly variable menu consumed by humans past
European colonisation of the Americas killed 10% of world population and caused global cooling
No records of the size of Native American populations before 1492 and the arrival of Europeans survive. A new study has found answers.
Revisiting the Playground
Such spaces have long been shaped by adult anxieties over urban planning and interaction with nature, rather than necessarily the needs of children at play.
Climate change: UN warns key warming threshold slipping from sight
The past 12 months have been a "wasted year" on climate change says the UN Environment Programme.
Elon Musk completes Twitter takeover and ‘fires top executives’
The $44bn deal will give world’s richest man control of social media platform with more than 230m users
Gamechanger Tesla past niet in duurzame portefeuille
Onveilige werkomstandigheden en een beperkt milieubeleid. ASN Bank belegt niet langer in Tesla. Lees hier meer over de redenen.
Ambient Chaos