Linklist 3 juli 2022

The BA.5 story
The takeover by this Omicron sub-variant is not pretty
Lightyear launches "world's first production-ready" solar-powered car
Dutch startup Lightyear has unveiled its Lightyear 0 electric car that has solar panels covering its roof, bonnet and boot so that it can be charged while driving.
Do Birth Control Pills Affect Your Mood? Scientists Can’t Agree
Over 100 million women are estimated to use oral contraceptives, but studies on the pill’s mental health effects raise more questions than answers.
Bitcoin Is A Hideous Monstrosity Made Out Of Computers And Greed
That Must Be Destroyed Before It Devours The World, Part I
The Women Who Built Grunge
Bands like L7 and Heavens to Betsy were instrumental to the birth of the grunge scene, but for decades were treated like novelties and sex objects.