Linklist 12 juni 2022

Seven Varieties of Stupidity
Searching for Cyclic TV Reference Paradoxes
both shows would be relying on the other being fictional in their respective universes, which cannot both be true simultaneously — a paradox!
14 Warning Signs That You Are Living in a Society Without a Counterculture
Please make a dumb car
Make a car that’s pretty much all dumb and watch it sell — because what automakers are giving people is so bad, they’ll pay more to have less of it.
The ‘Form’ Element Created the Modern Web. Was It a Big Mistake?
A little HTML widget gave us all-powerful Amazon and Facebook. There's no closing Pandora's text box now.
Can I Devtools?
like but for the browser devtools
The Modern JavaScript Tutorial
How San Francisco Became a Failed City
And how it could recover
The COVID Event Horizon
How many COVID infections will you have in your lifetime? There’s probably a limit.
Gen Z Has Finally Discovered Kate Bush, and I’m Thrilled