Linklist 15 mei 2022

Floods, fires, coral bleaching: Politicians leading the country to climate catastrophe
Foresight and prevention is more effective and cheaper than disaster recovery and cure. We still have time, but precious little of it.
The Stories Behind Severance’s Eerie Office Design
Mid-century furniture, out-of-time desktop computers, and childish “incentives” build the series’s office as haunted playground aesthetic.
Some top 100,000 websites collect everything you type—before you hit submit
‘Burnout tech’ seeks to identify signs of workers’ mental distress by reading Slack messages and email
Philippines election: torture survivors from Marcos era in shock after son’s win
Factcheckers say Ferdinand Marcos Jr was overwhelming beneficiary of a flood of online disinformation before poll
A Messy Table, a Map of the World
Dutch still life paintings like this one do more than depict luxurious objects. They narrate history on a global scale.