Linklist 24 april 2022

Why are women philosophers often erased from collective memory?
The history of ideas still struggles to remember the names of notable women philosophers. Mary Hesse is a salient example
De twee-eenheid Schiphol en KLM is al lang geen motor meer van onze economie
De economische opbrengsten van meer vluchten en meer passagiers wegen niet op tegen de overlast. Maar: ‘Je krijgt te maken met een oer-Hollands gevoel en met Hollands glorie.’
Design Principles
Muting your mic reportedly doesn’t stop big tech from recording your audio
Robert Eggers on ‘The Northman’: Directing Is an ‘Insane’ Job
The director explains why he sought out such difficult conditions, why he won’t talk with an actor about a character’s back story and why the box office matters.
Opinion | Riding a Bike in America Should Not Be This Dangerous
Bicyclists and pedestrians are dying at alarming rates. Do we have the courage to remake our car-centric streets?
Macron zou Frankrijk bij elkaar brengen – het liep anders
Als Macron aankomende zondag wordt herkozen, begint hij in veel opzichten weer bij nul.
Netflix’s Bad Habits Have Caught Up With It
Netflix announced the shocking news Tuesday that for the first time in a decade, it actually lost subscribers during a fiscal quarter
How to Move Your Team Toward Async-First Communication
Advice for team leaders and team members who want to bring more calm, focused productivity to the workplace
Mud-caked feet, berries for breakfast and hiding from hunters: my life as a deer
When still a teenager, Geoffroy Delorme dropped out of his lonely childhood to live among the animals in the woods of Normandy – and stayed for seven years. What did it do to him?
Skara Brae - World History Encyclopedia
a Neolithic Age site, consisting of ten stone structures, near the Bay of Skaill, Orkney, Scotland. Today the village is situated by the shore but when it was inhabited (c.3100-2500 BCE) it would have been further inland.
How to spot great remote jobs
The Joel test for remote work