Linklist 12 december 2021

Amsterdam's New Plan to Keep Waffle, Souvenir Shops Out
The city’s latest bold initiative is offering up cash to help local community groups oust touristy businesses.
52 things I learned in 2021 by Tom Whitwell
How the Netherlands will survive in floating cities
With sea levels rising, the Dutch are pondering floating cities — while also exporting their engineering know-how to turn a tidy profit.
Cancel Mel Gibson, Hollywood's Leading Anti-Semite
When “Foundation” Gets the Blockbuster Treatment, Isaac Asimov’s Vision Gets Lost
The TV version of the classic sci-fi saga sidelines its source’s most pressing questions about power and precarity.
How we came to depend on the week despite its artificiality
The week is the most artificial and recent of our time counts yet it’s impossible to imagine our shared lives without it
Here's Why Movie Dialogue Has Gotten More Difficult To Understand
/Film spoke with several Oscar-winning sound designers, editors, and mixers to learn why it has become tougher to understand what characters are saying.
Defensive CSS
Content is dynamic, and things can change on a web page, thus increasing the possibility of a CSS issue or a weird behavior.
Professor VS veegt vloer aan met onze basismaatregelen: 'Volledig achterhaald'
Omicron’s Rapid Case Growth Is a Warning
We don’t know how severe Omicron is, but we do know it’s spreading very fast.
The best tiny houses of 2021
Celebrating Grace Hopper and the Origins of Debugging
Happy birthday to Grace!
Nederland koopt voor 175 miljoen een Rembrandt. Heeft het Rijks echt een vaandeldrager nodig? | De Volkskrant
Met de aankoop van Rembrandts De vaandeldrager wordt de canon van Hollandse kunst andermaal bevestigd – niet aangevuld, gecorrigeerd of opgefrist, betoogt kunsthistoricus en Volkskrant-redacteur Wieteke van Zeil.
Be usable, not consistent, not uniform
if you don’t know what you want to a design to be consistent with — and why — then consistency risks confusing your users.
Modern for Wikipedia
A redesigned user interface for Wikipedia