Linklist 7 november 2021

What Big Oil knew about climate change, in its own words
Transcripts and internal documents show how the industry shifted from leading research into fossil fuels’ effect on the climate to sowing doubt about science.
More 'disease' than 'Dracula' – how the vampire myth was born
The past century’s vampires have often been a bit dashing, even romantic. That’s not how the myth started out.
The Code That Controls Your Money
COBOL underpins the entire financial system. And it can’t be removed. How a computer language controls the financial life of the world.
Fascine Mattresses: Basketry Gone Wild
Around the 17th century, the Dutch started reinforcing their dykes and harbours with sturdy mats the size of football pitches – hand-woven from thousands of twigs grown on nearby coppice plantations.
Novelists illustrate the climate futures that could await us
Authors Kim Stanley Robinson and Omar el-Akkad discuss the responsibility fiction writers have to address the climate crisis.
A Photo Trip to the Faroe Islands
Images of this rugged, treeless archipelago located in the North Atlantic, about halfway between Norway and Iceland
Complexity is killing software developers
modern software development is “a study in entropy, and it is not getting any more simple.”
35 History Maps That Explain The World Better Than Any Textbook
No Bicycling At COP26 Means Quickest Way To Decarbonise Road Transport Is Inexplicably Missing
Active travel—walking or cycling for transport—rarely takes center stage at climate conferences, a bizarre omission, say experts.
Actually, Sandworm Attacks Have Only a One Percent Death Rate
'Paul is straight-up LYING to us when he says they just need to figure out how to kill the sandworms before we go back to normal.' McSweeney’s FTW