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De VVD is een existentieel gevaar voor Nederland
Klimaat: Nederlandse politici die het als hun taak zien om het bedrijfsleven te dienen zijn een regelrechte ramp voor de klimaatcrisis, concludeert Thijs Kleinpaste.
American Shoppers Are a Nightmare
Customers were this awful long before the pandemic.
The strange domain names that developers bought
Not every domain is serious business. Here's a few of the fun ones that we at Stack Overflow owned, as well as those owned by our community.
IPCC Report: My Climate Tipping Point
Understanding global warming intellectually is not the same as feeling its presence in your daily life—or seeing photos of a 50-foot wall of fire.
The woman who rifles through New York’s garbage – exposing the city’s excesses
Anna Sacks documents her ‘trash walks’ on social media, shining a light on the everyday shame and indignity of producing and living with so much waste
The era of 'rapid' climate change has begun
Here's what the new IPCC report says, and what it doesn't, about the most important moment of our lives.