2021 w19

Binge Without Borders
Lupin, Call My Agent!, and the Global TV Explosion
De onbereikbare fietsenstalling
Er komen steeds meer ondergrondse fietsenstallingen. Prachtig, maar de trappen zijn voor sommige fietsers een niet te nemen hindernis. Wat gaat er mis?
Israel-Palestinian history: A brief summary of the conflict
Tensions raging since Middle Eastern state’s founding in May 1948 date back much further
How the Personal Computer Broke the Human Body
Decades before 'Zoom fatigue' broke our spirits, the so-called computer revolution brought with it a world of pain previously unknown to humankind.
It’s not their job to buy you cake
Working remotely for the last year has revealed just how much of office culture is accidental, arbitrary, and sexist.
Het postorderbedrijf Large boert nog altijd goed, mede dankzij Monica Geuze
Inside Frida Kahlo’s Affair with Communist Revolutionary Leon Trotsky
Frida Kahlo’s tumultuous relationship with Russian Leon Trotsky solidified the Mexican artist’s bold conviction in fusing politics and art.
What's the minimum number of people needed to survive an apocalypse?
A surprisingly small population could save our species.
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TailwindCSS: Adds complexity, does nothing
If you work in the front-end, you've probably heard a lot about TailwindCSS, a CSS library, much like Bootstrap. Much unlike Bootstrap, however, Tailwind takes a different approach - it is all "utility classes".