2021 w17

Wavy concrete roof covers weekend retreat in Chile by Ryue Nishizawa
Yahoo, the Destroyer
How the historic company became known as a bumbling villain of internet culture
The Planet on the Plate
In an effort to encourage more sustainable cooking, we won't be publishing new beef recipes on Epicurious.
Karma To Burn Founder and Frontman Will Mecum Has Died
Gojira-zanger Joe Duplantier: ‘Wie zingt er nou over plastic in de zee? Ik dus’
Mads Mikkelsen Takes Everything and Nothing Seriously
In Conversation: Mads Mikkelsen Known for playing villains in the U.S. and more nuanced roles in Denmark, he takes everything and nothing seriously.
Incomplete List of Mistakes in the Design of CSS
From the CSS Working Group Wiki
a simple online tool for creating sequence diagrams
Earth Restored
Here is a selection of the most beautiful photographs of Earth —iconic images and unknown gems— digitally restored to their full glory.
'Forgotten Astronaut' Michael Collins Dies
Collins was the crew member who stayed in orbit on the Apollo 11 command module while Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin walked on the moon.
Tinnitus cannot be cured, but here’s how rock fans can prevent hearing loss
Kerrang! talks to experts and professionals to find out more about how tinnitus is affecting the lives of music fans.
What really happened at Basecamp
How a list of "funny" customer names triggered an internal reckoning
Ask HN: What diagrams do you use in software development?
Met zijn bootje vaart hij onder de Waag en de Nieuwmarkt door
Voor de BNNVara-serie Waterman verdiepte Menno Bentveld zich in het water van Amsterdam. Over een verborgen rivier van 140 meter lang voer hij onder de Nieuwmarkt door.