2021 w15

Google’s FLoC Is a Terrible Idea
Google is leading the charge to replace third-party cookies with a new suite of technologies to target ads on the Web. And some of its proposals show that it hasn’t learned the right lessons from the ongoing backlash to the surveillance business model.
Psychedelische jams en menselijke touch op digitaal Roadburn
Op de digitale editie van heavy muziekfestival Roadburn bleek de uitzinnige psychjam helemaal terug in geestverruimende sessies van Solar Temple en Bada.
3,000-year-old ‘lost golden city’ of ancient Egypt discovered
Experts say Aten is the largest such city ever found and one of the most important finds since unearthing Tutankhamun’s tomb
Womens' pain not taken as seriously as mens' pain
A new study suggests that when men and women express the same amount of pain, women's pain is considered less intense based on gender stereotypes.
Vanilla JavaScript Code Snippets
Let’s look at vanilla JavaScript code snippets — resources and lightweight libraries to help you solve a problem without a large overhead or third-party dependencies.
Font size is useless; let’s fix it
Photos: Protecting Crops Against a Spring Frost
Kati Kariko Helped Shield the World From the Coronavirus
Collaborating with devoted colleagues, Dr. Kariko laid the groundwork for the mRNA vaccines turning the tide of the pandemic.
Space Jam
The iconic 1996 "Space Jam" website was recently relaunched to promote the new movie. Thankfully, the developers still kept the old site around to preserve its intergalactic legacy.