2021 w14

You forgot all about Nox, and should probably put that right
Westwood's ARPG has so many interesting ideas that really need to be part of the modern genre
Some photographs should be left alone from manipulation
Altered photographs ostensibly showing smiling victims of the Cambodian genocide highlight the ethical predicament and the potential abuse of technology when working with original historical documentation.
Spare us the fawning over Prince Philip
When Elizabeth became the Queen, he was forced to quit his job in the Navy, and became depressed for months
The dream ticket: sleeper trains could soon run from London to Europe’s cities
An ambitious plan to take overnight services through the Channel tunnel reflects a growing interest in sustainable travel
Wynonna Earp Stars on Wynonna and Doc’s Happy Ending
Melanie Scrofano and Tim Rozon weigh in
Death metal music inspires joy not violence
Despite gruesome lyrics, death metal does not desensitise fans to images of violence, a study shows.
BBC flooded with complaints over Prince Philip death coverage
Corporation opened dedicated complaints form on its website to deal with high volume of comments
How Did Frasier Afford His Apartment?
The Eames chair! The view! One woman’s demented investigation about a fictional apartment on a TV show that went off the air over 15 years ago.
The Story Behind The Song: My Dying Bride’s The Cry Of Mankind
How Brit metal miserabilists My Dying Bride made Iron Maiden bassist Steve Harris’ favourite nine-minute doom song
Dark mode in 5 minutes, with inverted lightness variables
The Relationships Were What Made ‘Justified’ Truly Special—They’re Why We’re Still Watching Today
Over six seasons, 'Justified' explored the complex, twisted roots of Elmore Leonard's distinct vision of Harlan County.
Trump used dark patterns to trick supporters into donating millions more than intended
“Asking for forgiveness is easier than permission” was one saying of the man in charge