2021 w12

Secret Cost of Google's Data Centers: Billions of Gallons of Water
In 2019 alone, Google requested, or was granted, more than 2.3 billion gallons of water for data centers in three different states
How Portugal silenced ‘centuries of violence and trauma’
There has been little acknowledgement of Portugal’s role in the transatlantic slave trade – until now.
Geef niet de auto, maar fietsers de ruimte
Onze fietscultuur staat onder druk, stelt oud-fietsenmaker Erik Jan Dijkman. De oplossing: een écht goede fiets. En dat is niet automatisch de e-bike.
[Nvidia Shield] Ervaringen & Discussie
There's no such thing as a website or web app that doesn't need to be accessible
The End of AMP
I am hopeful that 2021 will be the beginning of the end for two of my least favorite things – the pandemic and Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP).
Should Slack introduce a block button to mute harassers?
E.U. Will Curb Covid Vaccine Exports for 6 Weeks
The European Union presented new emergency rules that will most likely severely cut exports to Britain and other countries to ease supply shortages at home.
How to Deal with Difficult People on Software Projects
Software is easy. People are hard.
Why all the Jira hate? I'll tell you why
Charts.css is a modern CSS framework. It uses CSS utility classes to style HTML elements as charts.