2021 w11

10 Days and 350 Miles
The Iditarod Trail Invitational is one of the most grueling races a runner can experience. Here’s how the 2020 race unfolded for one participant.
Strava | Year In Sport
This was the first year that the team set out to create a full data-driven animated experience natively within the Strava app, giving athletes a fully immersive personalized experience that could be easily shared across social channels.
Waarom klimaatverandering steeds naar de parlementaire achtergrond verschuift
Klimaatverandering vergt politiek ingrijpen, wisten we decennia terug al. Maar in het Haagse krachtenveld raakt de ‘grootste opgave van deze tijd’ snel op de achtergrond, leert een reconstructie van het parlementaire klimaatdebat.
Het midden is het nieuwe links
Wakker worden in een land dat opeens een beetje scheef staat. Alsof alles plots naar rechts overhelt. De bomen, gewoonlijk getuigend van de wijsheid van het midden, en ook het redelijke gras – alles rechts vandaag.
Nergal: the extreme metal musician fighting Poland's blasphemy laws
The acclaimed and controversial Behemoth frontman faces possible prison time for a photo of his foot on a religious icon. He argues that Poland must become secular to evolve.
GitHub, f*ck your name change
We’re going to change the branch name to be more inclusive of minorities but we’re going to carry on selling software to ICE. Get the fuck outta here.
Tim Berners-Lee: ‘We need social networks where bad things happen less’
The father of the world wide web talks about its first 30 years, the rise of the toxic internet – and whether Facebook needs to be broken up
How Were the Covid-19 Vaccines Developed So Quickly?
I identified six main reasons why the Covid-19 vaccines were developed so quickly compared to past efforts.
Minimal snippets for modern CSS layouts and components
Surviving the Pandemic Year, Without Touch
It’s a preview of getting old as a woman, a friend said to me over Zoom a few weeks ago. You become invisible to the casual eye.