2021 w06

Epic shows off Unreal’s nearly real ‘MetaHuman’ 3D character creator
Epic today showed off a new character creation tool in Unreal Engine that lets you make a near-infinite variety of near-photorealistic digital people.
The missing continent it took 375 years to find
It took scientists 375 years to discover the eighth continent of the world, which has been hiding in plain sight all along. But mysteries still remain.
This Photographer Documented The Positive Impact Of A New Supermarket That Opened In A Food Desert
“In order for people to truly understand that Black lives matter, they have to see images of Black lives actually mattering.”
Britain’s Sexist Campaign to Sell Computers
The story of British women in computing is one of labor devaluation and sexism that ultimately led to the downfall of a strong national computing industry.
The last miles and miles of the vaccine
I read a story about Olivia, a web dev who’s currently on maternity leave and has been, on her own, working on fixing the Massachusetts state vaccine sign-up process.
‘I Miss My Mom’: Children Of QAnon Believers Are Desperately Trying To Deradicalize Their Own Parents
Here’s what it’s like to lose the person who raised you to a far-right cult.
Virus freezes out legendary Dutch ice race
Millions of skating-mad Dutch are eyeing the country's famous canals this winter as an ever-thickening ice layer raises hopes that a legendary race will materialise for the first time in nearly a quarter-century.
Snopes Debunked the World. Then the World Changed.
For decades, the website’s harsh light of truth rooted out urban legends and conspiracy theories. Does it still work?
Katherine Johnson Is Honored With a New Spacecraft Named After Her
"Her work at NASA quite literally launched Americans into space, and her legacy continues to inspire young Black women every day."
Disqus, the dark commenting system
Disqus is a free commenting system and a great example of "if you're not paying for it, you become the product". Unfortunately, in Disqus' case, your website visitors become the product too.
Framing Britney Spears exposes the contradictions of American womanhood
The documentary makes it clear Britney Spears had a real enthusiasm for performing – and that any woman who became that famous would have been treated that badly
On Masculinity and Disease
As we have discussed at length before, medieval (and indeed any pre-germ theory) conceptions of health and the body were very different to how we tend to think about them now.
It’s a Mad World: The ‘Donnie Darko’ Oral History
Twenty years ago, an unproven writer-director made a movie with a scary bunny, time travel, and an ’80s soundtrack that would at first struggle to make an impact before becoming "everybody’s first deep thought"
The World According to Frances McDormand
As an actor, Frances McDormand is as chameleonic as she is unfailingly herself. And she’s never achieved anything quite like Nomadland—a stunning film about life on America’s margins.
Stop Swiss Cheesing your calendar
Does your calendar look like a swiss-cheese? A bunch of meetings spread out throughout the week with only 1-2 hours of gaps in between them.
Browser fingerprinting via favicon
The tracking method works even in the browser's incognito mode and is not cleared by flushing the cache, closing the browser or restarting the system, using a VPN or installing AdBlockers.
We Asked People Who Lost Their Taste to COVID: What Do You Eat in a Day?
After recovering from the novel coronavirus, some things don’t taste like they used to — or like anything at all