2021 w03

How Orphans Helped Distribute the Smallpox Vaccine
The real trouble started when doctors tried to vaccinate people who were far away. [..] to the Americas, where it was desperately needed: Smallpox outbreaks there were verging on apocalyptic, killing up to 50 percent of people who got the virus.
Adobe Finally Kills Flash And Comically Brings A China Railroad To A Grinding Halt
When Adobe's Flash plugin stopped working on January 12, one Chinese railroad system completely derailed.
The Fascists Afterwards
The dark past transcended in a Canadian suburb
Vergelijkingen met de spertijd gaan nauwelijks op
Tijdens de persconferentie van premier Rutte viel het beladen woord ‘avondklok’, waarna al snel associaties werden gelegd met de ‘spertijd’ in de Tweede Wereldoorlog.
Why is the Modern World So Ugly?
Societies that are, in most respects, hugely more advanced than those of the past have managed to construct urban environments more dispiriting, chaotic and distasteful than anything humanity has ever known.
Play your own musical synth with delay, feedback & scuzz
Shuffle — An online editor for busy developers
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