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From a 1550s Pandemic, a Choral Work Still Casts Its Spell
We know remarkably little about John Sheppard and his “Media vita.” But it has become a cult favorite of early music.
"He's Radioactive": Inside Johnny Depp's Self-Made Implosion
Dante's Peek
How much did medieval Europeans understand about the origin and relation of their languages?
The Year That Was and Wasn’t
We asked some of our favorite journalists, writers, and thinkers: What were the most important events of 2020, and what were the least?
Lamb Of God interview: “The system is broken. It doesn’t work”
Lamb Of God are about to return with a brand new album. And they’re still fighting for a better world, one scream at a time
Internet-Batman Victor Gevers: 'Wakker worden met een inbox vol dankjewels is verslavend'
9 Wins for Gender Equality in 2020 Worth Celebrating
Here's a list of 2020 gender equality wins for leadership, education, economic empowerment, and more from around the world.
How Did Madagascar Become the World's Biggest Producer of Vanilla?
A tale of a botanical mystery, colonialism, and savvy marketing.
Best Metal Albums 2020
According to Stereogum.com
Zo raakte Nederland achterop bij het vaccineren | De Volkskrant
‘Zorgvuldigheid’. Dat is het argument van Hugo de Jonge waarom Nederland pas weken later dan Duitsland begint met vaccineren. Een reconstructie van..